Bond back cleaning service is a standard procedure for tenants to perform a final clean up at the end of the tenancy after their belongings are moved from the place. The process is done at the end of lease cleaning, which is performed to return the property in the same liveable condition it was in at the start of the tenancy.

If a tenant fails to clean the property accurately, then the landlord has the right to deduct the required amount of money from the bond money to clean and sanitise the establishment. To secure the entire security deposit, which is generally one month’s rent has to ensure that the cleaning process is done thoroughly in compliance with the set standards.

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Arrange a Reliable Checking List

Having a complete list of what tasks is essential to perform at the end of leasing will help you to perform all the required actions that will meet the expectations of property owners. Professional Bond-back cleaners in Canberra follow an approved checklist and clean and sanitize the property accordingly.

Analyze your property completely to make a list of deep cleaning services to perform and seek the help of the household members.

Start with The Kitchen

This is one of the most important areas of any property to clean because it is among the busiest and dirtiest places in any house having millions of dangerous bacteria and germs. Specifically, if you are one of those who mostly do the cleaning on weekends, then you will have difficulty in achieving sparkling results.

You need to start from the top cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Wipe down the countertops, stovetops, knob, and other hard surfaces using an environment friendly cleaner. Make sure to clean all the kitchen equipment like fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwashing machine. In the end, clean and disinfect the sink, faucets and other high touch areas before mopping the floor.

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Bathroom Cleaning and Sanitising

Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom is an important step if you want to present it to the property owner in pristine condition. Start with the showerhead, shower glass, bathtub, faucets, sink, soap holder, sink, tile grouts, and at the end mop the bathroom floor. Also, clean and disinfect the toilet seat, behind the area and remove all the moulds if any.

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Ceiling Fans and Walls

Always start the cleaning from the top of the room and make way down towards the floor. Remove accumulated dust particles, dirt and other debris from the ceiling fans and walls using the right tool.

Remove stains, stubborn marks and other grime from the wall. Spot cleaning can be helpful to bring back the lost shine of your walls. If you find it troublesome and time-taking hiring the bond back cleaning professionals in Canberra is a wise choice to get a safe and thorough cleaning of the establishment.

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Windows, Blinds, and Doors

Windows are one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to performing bond cleaning at the end of the tenancy. Use a clean microfiber cloth to clean these areas. You can also use some cleaning agents to remove tough stains or grime.

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Carpet Cleaning

A stained carpet not only looks nasty but also ruins the overall look of the home. Vacuum clean the carpet and rugs to get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, and other debris.

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Light Fixtures, Fittings and Switchboards

Do not forget to wipe off the light fixtures, fittings, switchboards, baseboards and other areas. You can use a microfiber cloth to grab and clean all the dirt, pollen, and other debris on the surface with ease.

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Follow all the above steps to clean your rental property like a pro. Still, if the property has pests, mould, or any other type of infestation that are tough to clean on your own, seek the help of professionals. The bond back cleaning services in Canberra help you to get the property in the same condition as it was when you moved into the property the first day.

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